Volunteering at Kalikalos

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Volunteering means working in the garden and household, preparing Kalikalos Center for the upcoming workshop season, as well as having good times together with the other volunteers.

We are now 15 people of all ages (14 to 81 years old) from 9 different countries. It’s good fun getting to know so many open and giving people, and I am inspired by our shared engagement and knowledge of sustainable living and spiritual practices.

In these photos we are climbing the biggest, oldest and most impressive Plane tree in Europe. It’s branches are giving shadow to a picturesque village square with cafes and restaurants, were we 2_1155_old_tree_sindulged our self with the best chocolate Cake I ever had.

Cooking delicious vegetarian food for the community is great fun, when in lovely company of soul  sisters ! 


Jock is the founder of Kalikalos, living his vision of a spiritual community in Greece. Here he is focalizing the Saturday morning community meeting in his frog-hat, practicing non violent communication and helping the small and big e
lements of community living run smoothly. 

I enjoy the work, the sun, the sea and the food here, and it feels meaningful for me to share my skills and energy with the people here. I would like to invite you to check out our up coming inspiring workshops this summer ! Mariel Kvaale form Norway. 

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