Why I keep coming back to Kalikalos

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This year is my 5th year here at Kalikalos as a Living in Community guest.  What brings me back is the beauty of the place, the wonderful beaches of Pelion, the sea, magically warm and inviting, especially for someone like myself who learnt to swim in the cold North Atlantic waters of Donegal; the mountain scenery, the early evening sun dappling through the forest as we drive back from the beaches, the first figs of the season brought across by our neighbour Dimitri …

Dimitri with one of his many gifts
Dimitri with one of his many gifts

Kalikalos is going from strength to strength with 26 participants booked for Brad Blanton’s Radical Honesty workshop starting this week and the high energy of Family Fortnight ahead of us. It is now a three centre community with Anelio (Spiti ton Kentavron) and Hotel Alexandros. People, young and old, are attracted to the place. We are told the local mountain has a link with Chiron (astrologically the wounded healer). No wonder it is a place of healing and regeneration.

Alexandros view
The view from Hotel Alexandros

Kissos is vibrant at the moment, with music and dancing in the platea every evening. Music to listen to as we chop vegetables for the evening meal. Greece may be in austerity but there is a richness of culture and community here.

Kids rehearsing in the platea of Kissos
Kids rehearsing in the platea of Kissos

So if you are looking for a late holiday or work placement, come and experience the magic of Kalikalos – the wonderful vegetarian food, the processes which create community, the friendships which last long after the summer and the healing energy of the place. Come with an open heart, be prepared to give and you will receive blessings tenfold.

Alison Gillett, from Croydon, England

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