First mini-workshop of the season

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In the first few days of opening the new season’s workcamp, we had our first workshop at Kalikalos—a mini session on Non-Violent Communication (NVC). This arose from a need within the group to have a formula for dealing with conflict in a constructive way.

Joannie teaching NVC
Joannie teaching NVC

Ten of us gathered round a very welcome log fire in the only room in the house with a fireplace, much needed in the inclement weather that has been our lot since our arrival at Kissos on 2 May.

We were introduced briefly to the process by workcamper Joannie Minto. We then had a couple of rounds of practice. First, we worked through an issue without reflective listening then later with. The engagement was so intense that the bell had to be rung loudly several times to move it on!

It’s great that we now have a common reference point to come from and daily life here certainly provides lots of opportunities to use it.

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