Sunshine, scenery & sociability – all in a day’s jaunt in the Pelion!

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In the knowledgeable hands of Adam ‘Gandalf’ Reising, five work campers had an amazing, all-day walk through three  of the four village Squares of the Pelion on a day off. Our induction into the beauty spots and points of interest was thorough and we are all able now to offer support to guests at the three centres this summer.

Our day began with the early morning bus, taking us on a half hour ride just beyond Tsagarada. Adam guided us down a steep track into a forested gully, to begin our walking tour at a high-arched, stone bridge. The bridge stands like a guardian to the ancient history of the area and marks the geographic entrance to the Pelion on the old network of paths or kalderimi.

The ancient gateway into the Pelion
The ancient gateway into the Pelion

The tour went onwards to the Serpentin Garden, where our luck was in as the owner, Doris, happened to be weeding near the entrance and heard our arrival. We were welcomed with open arms and shown around and also relaxed in the shady warmth with a welcome cup of tea and home-made cake.

Our next stop was a moderately-old plane tree in the square at Agii Taxiarches – around 1000 years plus! – then made our way to the enormous, breathtaking 1700 year old plane tree in Tsagarada Square. This too lent itself to an excuse for coffee and cake!


The enormous plane tree in Tsagarada Square
The enormous plane tree in Tsagarada Square


Finally, we began the descent by kalderimi from those lofty heights to the beach at Damouchari. The way was steep and required vigilance on the paths – but we constantly took time to stop to admire the scenery.



For all of us it was a day to remember – and one which has already been repeated by a few more work campers since, who made it a priority for their days off! Whoever thought it might be hard work being here in the Pelion? Not at all!



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