Healing and Guidance – One amazingly rich week.

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The seminar started as usual on time with a wonderful inclusive meditation.

A lot to learn, a lot to share, challenges and achievements creating a group and making it community.

Also from the staffers a huge thank to Edwin that supported our meetings and tought us about how to focus on the positive even still osberving and accepting the negative, never absolute negative but negative for each one of us in the present moment.

Big thank to Dave that from Findhorn brought tools about Holistic Education, Gropu dynamics management and effective non violent communication, over than Positivity into action a hug amount of laughter and joy flowing from him!

Big Thanks to all our FIRs, facilitators in residence offering only this week: YOGA, Facial Yoga, reflexology, Thai Massage, Reiki, Barbara Brennan sessions, Thai Chi and Five Rythms sessions.

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Thanks to Haleema for her words: “My time spent at Kalikalos I would describe as magical, the community, the people, the food and the love shared is abundance in itself. Sharing duties together, cooking food together and being amongst nature is a great healing and refreshing process for the soul. Edwin’s workshop was deep and intense and in return created a family bond never to be forgotten. My greatest lesson here was to experience people from all walks of life coming together for the purpose of expansion and love. Kalikalos is truly a magical place to be,  abundance! :)”.

More info from Ewin for next dates here in Kalikalos and in London for the winter.

“If you would like to share spiritual beach vacations in Greece with new friends working on healing and transformation, there is no better opportunity than this one.The June retreat has just ended. It was a very intense transformation, but also relaxing and opening us all to changes in our lives. We had an amazing group coming together. We all learned from each other.The beach time was amazing, the food was fantastic and the beauty of this place is just stunning.The next workshop will start on 4-th of September in Kalikalos and we have ongoing workshops in London.

We have a special early bird offer of 100 Euro off, bringing the cost down to 300 Euro. Kalikalos is considering rising the prices, so it is an excellent deal right now. It includes the workshop, shared accommodation and vegetarian meals. It requires full payment before July 1-st'”

Hope to have you on board for next worshops, hope to share with you these wonderful experiences in community!

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