Joy in Responsibility!

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IMG_1794Hello everyone. My name is Dimitra and I would like to share with you the joy of taking on responsibility.
I got here about two weeks ago. My second day at the staff meeting that we have every morning, the focaliser of the meeting asked who wanted to take on the position of transport focaliser. Since nobody else was raising their hand, I jumped in without having any idea what I was getting myself into. The first day went very smooth, just counting the number of people and matching them with the places in the cars. A few days later, however, when it was our big night out, I grasped why nobody else was eager to deal with it. Transportation for so many people who keep changing their minds can be an unbelievably chaotic task.
And as if that wasn’t enough, a couple of days later, I was asked to take on the post of kitchen focaliser and I said yes! Luckily, I was sharing it with two other people but that didn’t make it an easy job. Added to these, I have my regular five shifts per week where amongst them I’m called to focalise the preparation of lunch, dinner or the cleanup afterwards. And seeing how keen people where in speaking at least some greek, I organised a Sunday evening greek language lesson.
One would naturally ask “how do you cope with such big amount of tasks; when you haven’t done any of them before? Isn’t it overwhelming?” And I can’t deny that it is! But once you learn the ropes, (or at least think you do…hahha) there’s something incredibly fulfilling in knowing that you are in charge of something and people expect to see it done. Especially when you live in a community that feeling is amplified. Cause you actually know the people who profit from how well you’ve done your job. You have lived with them and have come to care.

I can tell you there’s nothing quite as gratifying as hearing the other members of your community congratulate you on how well you did that day!IMG_1801

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