Kalikalos chooses the Carbon Conscious Way

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Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 16.00.03After months of amazing inputs and interesting talks and teachings about Solidarity Economy, Systemic Shifts, Non Duality, Healing the body through dance, express freedom through art and poetry, how to create responsible balanced communities where to melt in harmony and trust; after all this and from the aware experience of our oneness Kalikalos chooses to go Carbon Conscious and to do it in an innovative way.

Thanks to the cooperation with Earth Deeds we can make out of this choice a wonderful Campaign to support the realisation of the first complete EDE – Ecovillage Design Education course in Greece.

Following the examples made available from the Circular Economy models we encountered during the Economy of Solidarity workshop we want to re-invest as recycle the balancing of our common footprint, accumulated through the flights and the transportation to arrive in Kalikalos (Co2 emissions in the atmosphere), in an amazing educational opportunity to offer to the greek grassroots activists now looking for new models and alternatives to routines that are not creating wellbeing for their societies at the moment.

So we started this campaign to include everyone and to give you the opportunity to join in this amazing adventure together, you can be part of the realisation of the first EDE Greece.
Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 15.54.37

!!! HOW ???

1. Visit our campaign website: http://earthdeeds.org/team.php?teamid=240

2. Balance your carbon footprint and check if you want to donate and support the EDE Greece: a course structured this way http://www.gaiaeducation.net/index.php/pt/programmes/ecovillage-design-education

3. Spread the campaign among your friends and among the people you know through email, talking about it, through facebook, through your social media

Let us know if you need any support to fill in your slot to compensate your footprint.

Here trusting in your support to make the EDE happening also in Greece.

Thanks for your support wherever you are and wherever you will be :D.

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 16.01.54

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