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Wow our food is good! The fresh produce and herbs in this part of Greece (Pelion) are too luscious. Breakfast is filter coffee and cleansing mountain tea, fruits, nuts, tahini, honey, creamy yogurt, bread, porridge and muesli.

Lunch is supposed to be snacky but is more a feast – of olives, feta or yellow cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and greens (including vine leaves, nettles and many other of the incredible availability of wild greens that grow so abundantly here on the mountains), copious olive oil (of course), last night’s leftovers and fresh wholewheat breads.

The menu for the evening meal is chosen by that evenings’ ‘focaliser’ and much depends on their nationality. In the mix we’ve had perfection pasta from our Italian beloved, delicious phyllo pastry pies and puds from our UK team, a weekly veg curry and dahl from our American leader Jock. Each eve brings a vegetarian surprise treat of note.

We take turns for mealtime shifts, 2 – 3 people per shift, prepping on 2 gas cookers. Cleanup teams also volunteer on a rota (again 2 -3 per shift) and they get to eat first. It all works smoothly and efficiently. The kitchen here is abundantly stocked with everything any cook could need.

Tuesdays are Taverna nights, which gives us the opportunity to taste authentic Greek cooking and to order any non-vegetarian dish we may desire (10 – 14 euros per person, ordered in advance from the Taverna of choice). On this night, all the participants from the 3 different venues that comprise the Kalikalos network get to meet up, making quite a crowd. There are many restaurants in this little village alone, and many more down at the beach.

Visit    for details of workshops this season that offer food and dietary guidance.


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