Jules Cooper’s Kalikalos experience

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My Greek holiday was a beautiful and profound experience. The community of Kalikalos in Kissos where we stayed taught me much about about how an established community works. The different energies of the people who live there and for those seeking an alternative way of life was inspiring and I feel that some of principles could be used here (Ed. meaning at Jules’s own community in Wales).

The scenery was so beautiful and the wild plants were abundant and healthy, they sang a song of serenity and strength. As well as working on the growing beds and composting area, I took time to wander the surrounding local landscape observing the wild plants and trees. My love of wildcrafting encouraged me to gather many wild plants for daily salads and healing infusions for the community. The plants also told me about their contribution to the land and the current energies of the people who were staying there. Mallow with her soothing nature was abundant and was healing the land and trying to communicate a need for quieting the busy mind. Her beautiful pink flowers were dancing and weaving a joyful energy for the people to take when needed.

My time in mountains was probably the most beautiful and memorable as I was able to harvest wild mountain sage which I have brought home to Corn Helyg for teas and smudge sticks.

jules gathering sage
Love, peace and gratitude to all at Kalikalos

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