Kalikalos and my Heart

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Yesterday we left Kalikalos with Ivo. It was 2.45. Ivo is my partner and we were there in this community for 2 weeks, doing a workcamp. I looked at the car clock as we were leaving and I could hardly see it as I was crying. Tears were running down my face as I was leaving Paradise.

Ivo was driving the car and rose petals were falling down as a kind, loving token to see us off . I was crying because I was leaving the sea of LOVE I had been swimming in for the last 2 weeks. As if these 2 weeks were the 9 months before I was due to be born. I felt so happy, safe, appreciated and loved like I had never felt before. I had no idea Kalikalos would turn into that divine oasis for my soul.

When we arrived there on the evening of 20 May ,the mountain Pelio gave us a cold welcome, with fog and tons of rain. I was worried I hadn’t packed enough warm clothes. The room we have been accommodated in was dark, stone –floored, and cold. If I had been there on my own I don’t think I would have stayed. We had paid only for a week so we weren’t sure if we were going to stay for the second one. I slept with my clothes on and was freezing the first night, dreaming of heaters and radiators.

The next morning though when we had our first sharing circle and as each of us was opening his heart and say how he feels, the magic started to happen. We spoke about our reasons to be here and our passions. We were connecting each other on an invisible level. And this is what I encountered in Kalikalos. I met my heart. Or rather, I felt what it means to” live from the heart”. The other people, 13 people from 11 countries, complete strangers in the beginning provided space for this meeting and nourished this sacred place as the days unfolded. My gratitude to all of them is beyond words.

I haven’t seen so kind, loving, open and genuine people gathered together in one spot and sharing their energy so that we all create a better world for a certain time. A dwelling of Paradise here on the Earth. Now, I am out of the community, back in the “ civilized world” somehow, drinking my coffee in a quiet village in Bulgaria and slowly becoming aware of the transformation which has happened inside me. Thank you, Kalikalos.

Denitsa Aleksandrova

Deni and Ivo

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