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June in Kalikalos offers several superb workshops for those interested in the development of practical solutions to today’s financial, social and ecological crises.
Last week at Kalikalos Kissos Campus, the delightful Jennifer Hinton presented on flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World. “Co-Creating a Truly Sustainable Economy”, was a week of active, participatory learning about how we can co-create a healthy, sustainable economy.
Co-author of How on Earth and co-director of the Post Growth Institute, Jennifer showed us the fundamental flaws of our current economy, and explored the ideas and practices that have emerged in response to our current crises.
Participants left with a practical set of steps that they can take to co-create a more generative economy in their own communities.


Currently on at Kalikalos Alexandros Campus, the esteemed Thomas H. Greco, Jr is presenting a workshop on monetary theory and how monetary alternatives can empower communities.
While complementary currencies and exchange schemes have sprung up and gained some degree of acceptance and notoriety, many have faded away. One focus of this workshop is on the reasons why none of them has become a significant factor in their community economies. Thomas uncovers the principles of design and implementation that need to be applied to make exchange alternatives more effective, robust, and scalable.
Thomas is widely regarded as a leading authority on monetary and financial innovation, and is a sought-after adviser and speaker at conferences internationally. He has authored four books on monetary theory.

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Beginning tomorrow at the Kissos Campus is a workshop presented by Jonathan Dawson, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Schumacher College. The topic is “Mapping the Future Economy”.
We stand at a crossroads, one path leading to oblivion, the other towards the dawning of an Ecological Civilisation. There is no doubt we are in the midst of a profound transformation of our economy and society. Demographic, technological and cultural shifts are opening up seismic shifts that are transforming how we organise our societies.  The future of work, enterprise, ownership and social care are likely to change beyond recognition over the next couple of generations.
Jonathan is the principal author of the Gaia Education sustainable economy curriculum that has been adopted by UNESCO as a valuable contribution to the current UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and is former president of the Global Ecovillage Network and long-term resident at the Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland.



2 thoughts on “Economy – Sustainability – Community

    Diane Stefan said:
    July 4, 2016 at 12:13 am

    Congratulations Jennifer, Extremely proud of you!

      godgivenglyphs responded:
      July 4, 2016 at 8:30 am

      Thanks for your affirming note Diane, I appreciate!

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