Greetings from Kalikalos Kissos

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Autumn Greetings from Kalikalos Kissos

Bettina Ritter at Kalikalos Kissos
Me at Kalikalos Kissos

Call it destiny or coincidence something brought me to Kalikalos. The fact is that, after attending a beautiful and inspiring ZEGG Forum workshop at Kalikalos Alexandros, I found myself as part of the Kalikalos Kissos community. Every day that passes, I feel more and more at home.

I find it beautiful to witness the new guests passing through, week by week, arriving as strangers and leaving as friends. Kalikalos invites and seduces them to step out of their “daily shoes” and enter into new experiences, discovering landscapes behind assumed boundaries, and getting a taste of true community.

A taste which seems to be contagious for some of them…

I myself came to the community quiet unaware about where I was going, and found myself diving in, like a fish, or better a mermaid!  🙂  Having lived in German and Israeli communities before, the experience here mirrors beautifully the mutual attraction communities and I are holding for each other.

Buddha Shrine Here
Bettina Under Leaves

The space created in Kalikalos welcomes everybody and enables every soul just to be as they are. We are all held by the structure of the center, embraced by the community spirit and nourished by the abundance of Pilion’s nature: mountain, forest and sea.

For me, the morning circles are especially precious. In these sharing circles, all the staff volunteers meet together and open up towards each other. They give me the opportunity to experience again and again the magic taking place when we are listening and truly hearing: free of judgement, just allowing ourselves to see the other person fully. Every time I can see ‘the other’ in such a way, my love towards this human being grows. And with it my love for life.

May this only be the beginning of a fruitful journey!

Bettina Ritter — latest Tel Aviv

One thought on “Greetings from Kalikalos Kissos

    Andrew K. (@AjKcroydon) said:
    September 20, 2016 at 10:19 am

    Great, lovely. I’ll visit you sometime. Your sharing circles remind me of “tuning in”, indeed to tune in right now.

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