Why I keep coming back to Kalikalos

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Summer 2016 – Why I keep coming back to Kalikalos

By Alison Gillett, Surrey, England


Another summer passed, and for those of us back home, we have the tan, the extra Vitamin D, and a host of memories of new friends and reconnections with those from previous years.

All sort of people turn up at Kalikalos and, initially, the Olde English saying comes to mind:  “Everyone here seems a little strange, except me and thee; and even thee is a little strange.  However, most people, though not all, turn up with at least some sort of spiritual background belief; and those that don’t get drawn into the circles, the attunements, the sharing of energy which creates “community.”

Everyone brings different skills, which are gratefully utilised, whether it is cooking, carpentry or car mechanics.

For those who hadn’t made the connection before, the realisation dawns that we all need each other and community is a precious element of social capital.  Also they become aware that this is a place of education, teaching about right food, right ways of living, as we transition into the New Age future.

Staff are very much part of this and again we had some wonderful staff, whether woofers, workaways or volunteers taking a break from mainstream.  Some were on their way to help in the big refugee camps, reminding us that, despite the beauty and tranquillity of Pelion, Greece has major problems.

So what happened this year?

The new floor at STK, Anilio was well and truly danced upon

The big workshops such as Radical Honesty brought people in from across the globe

The quieter contemplative workshops allowed people time to examine their lives and release some of the burden of resentment.

The economic workshops gave food for thought in these uncertain times

The perennials, like Raw Food, provided a first introduction for some.

Many of the staff attended and more and more Greeks are a welcome addition and allow ideas to spread into the wider community.


Highlights for me:

A visit to the old church and to the home area of Hara’s father, a fisherman of Pelion from the previous generation

Meeting Aphrodite, the wonderful Greek lady who originally brought Jock, and therefore the rest of us, to Pelion

The violin and flute concert by Morven and Rachel in Kissos church

The high energy waves and surf on the beaches which seemed higher than usual this summer

The effect of the Zegg workshop and the Forum method of sharing.

The May to September nature of the place reminds me of the Sand Mandalas, created and then destroyed by the Tibetan monks.  The energy is kept fresh, free from stagnation and constantly renewed year by year.

So despite changes (and challenges) I believe the structure will hold.  Looking forward to 2017!

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