Volunteering at Kalikalos Kissos

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Here I am at Tsagarada Platia pretending to hold up this 800 year old Plane Tree!

I had the great opportunity to spend 4 weeks as a volunteer in the center Kalikalos in Kissos, Pilion, Greece. It was the first time for me living in a community for a while and the first time I worked as a volunteer through Workaway.

It was really a marvellous experience for me to be there: meeting so many great people from many different countries and exchanging ideas and inspirations made me feel very rich!

What I found there was much more than I could even expect!

For instance:


Going into processes, and with this learning more about myself or remember about myself what I probably had forgotten for a while.


Swiming in the clear blue, marvelous Aegean sea in the Pillion area.

Being in this vast, lush natural surrounding.

Sleeping in a tent which I really appreciated, because I learned to go with the natural rhythms:  waking up easily for the stunning sunrise above the sea,  while making my exercises next to the corn and brocolli growing in the surrounding vegetable gardens.

Cooking meals together for all of us with love and awareness.

Starting our work shifts with tuning in—which was new for me and is such a great idea to me which I would love to spread all over the world!

Lying in the hammocks and just being… 

Dancing in the forest  (thank´s to the sister campus at nearby Anilio to welcome us!)

compositeGoing to taverna-night-out together,  making contact with the staff and guests at the other centers ,and with Greek people from the village.

Practising my English without paying attention to it. 

Finding out more about myself and others—what triggers me—what want´s still to be healed—noticing how I interact in a group—how I can deal with the themes and energies in a community—how I can serve both the community and myself…and more.

So a big thanx to everyone I met there and hopefully will see us again next summer!! !!!

Ευχαριστώ παρα πολύ!

Gabrielle H. from Austria/Salzburg

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