Mundane Miracles at Alexandros

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olive trees from Alexandros

There are times when I pause from the day, and look around me as if I had just woken up. Time seems to stop for a moment as I blink and realise, in that suspended moment, that there is magic around me. I breathe, remind myself of my senses, and feel.

I am standing outside. I have my eyes closed. I hear the gentle rustling of the wind through the leaves, as each tree breathes on to the next. I feel the wind whispering across my skin. The grass tickles my feet, but the ground supports me. I feel its strength as it holds me. This is the miracle of nature.

Behind me, the hive that is Alexandros is buzzing with activity. People move quietly through the house, busy with their morning minds. I hear their footsteps on the wood. I hear their hushed laughter. This is the miracle of life.

I open my eyes, and I am stunned.

Written by Anya Owen, Scotland


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