KaliKalos is a Holistic Centre in Greece that provides alternative holidays. A vacation that is “something deeper than a suntan”
In short, honouring the earth and assisting human evolution through authentic community. See more on this on the web site as this box is too small. http://www.hollyfoundation.org/
Company Overview
The centre offers a combination of workshop experience with seaside holidays in which everyone coming here becomes a full member of the temporary but authentic community that is responsible for each week.
A seasonal, but fully authentic community in a unique location that offers workshop, retreat and community holidays with sun, sea and something deeper than a suntan. Core concepts here are non-violent communication, Way of Council, attunement with Spirit, and Radical Psychology.
General information
Our parent is the Holly Foundation, a not for profit organisation recognized by the IRS as an educational charity, 501(C)3. Their Mission statement can be found here. 

The location is well off the beaten foreign tourist track and combines a lush green forest ecosystem with gorgeous crystal clear sandy Aegean beaches.

This is a place to practice living and thinking holistically, and use your holiday to save the earth. Meet new friends who share your aspirations for a better world of peace, partnership and sustainability.

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